Vanguard The Space Sentinel Tracking CO2 Emissions in Groundbreaking Mission

Vanguard : The Space Sentinel Tracking CO2 Emissions in Groundbreaking Mission

Launch of the Vanguard satellite

In a revolutionary stride towards climate accountability, a Canadian company, GHGSat, has launched the Vanguard satellite. This satellite marks a historic moment as it aims to detect carbon dioxide emissions from individual facilities, including coal plants and steel mills, directly from space. This breakthrough in emissions monitoring aligns with the global pursuit of holding industries accountable for their environmental impact.

Vanguard was successfully launched from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California on a mission to redefine emissions monitoring. Developed by Canadian emissions monitoring company GHGSat, this satellite is poised to transform how we perceive and address carbon emissions.

The utilization of space-age technology signifies a responsible approach to addressing climate change. Vanguard’s advanced capabilities will offer a unique vantage point to detect carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to global efforts in emission reduction and climate action.

Monitoring Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Carbon dioxide, accounting for nearly 80% of US greenhouse gas emissions, has long contributed significantly to climate change. Vanguard primarily focuses on large industrial sources like power plants, where significant carbon dioxide emissions enter the atmosphere.

Satellites monitoring carbon dioxide in the atmosphere need more precision for facility-level emissions. Vanguard aims to bridge this gap by directly measuring emissions from individual facilities. This shift from estimates to direct measurements is crucial for accurate monitoring and accountability.

GHGSat, known for its commitment to emissions monitoring, provides data Vanguard collects for sale. Industrial emitters seeking to reduce emissions, governments, and scientists can access this valuable information. This step aligns with the company’s vision of promoting responsible practices among emitters.

Strengthening Climate Accountability

Vanguard builds on the existing network of satellites that monitor methane emissions. Methane, an invisible greenhouse gas, is challenging to detect due to its diverse sources. Vanguard’s capabilities will extend this precedent to carbon dioxide, offering a more comprehensive understanding of emissions.

Stephane Germain, CEO of GHGSat, emphasizes the role of Vanguard in validating emission estimates. The satellite’s direct measurements will serve as a crucial validation tool, enhancing the accuracy of emission inventories, scientific modeling, and corporate greenhouse gas reporting.

### Beyond Estimates

Satellites have already revealed that methane emissions exceed previous estimates. Germain suggests a similar scenario for carbon dioxide. Vanguard’s data will substantiate current practices and uncover potential discrepancies, contributing to a more informed and accurate approach to emissions management.

As Vanguard orbits overhead, it signifies a new era in emissions monitoring. The validation and precision it brings to facility-level emissions monitoring will reshape how industries, governments, and scientists approach carbon dioxide emissions. This groundbreaking mission sets the stage for a more accountable and sustainable future.

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