COP28 UAE's Green Zone A Confluence of Climate Action Hubs

COP28 UAE’s Green Zone: A Confluence of Climate Action Hubs

As COP28 UAE approaches, the anticipation grows for what the Green Zone has in store. Managed by the COP28 Presidency, the Green Zone is the epicenter of action, welcoming diverse participants from the public-private sectors, media, youth, NGOs, and UNFCCC-managed Blue Zone delegates. In the upcoming days, detailed insights on Green Zone activities and visit planning will be unveiled to enrich the experience for all attendees.

The Green Zone is not just a venue; it’s a collective effort to translate climate policy into tangible outcomes. Open for two weeks, this space is designed to accelerate the energy transition and drive impactful initiatives, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The mission is clear: transform insights into meaningful impacts.

Green Zone Hubs: A Multifaceted Experience

Dive into the heart of COP28’s Green Zone, where dedicated hubs within Expo City Dubai offer unique opportunities for inspiration, learning, skill development, and collaborative climate solution creation.

Energy Transition Hub

Connect, collaborate, and share at the Energy Transition Hub. Leaders and innovators converge to showcase sustainability plans and foster partnerships that drive progress toward net-zero emissions.

Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is a thematic platform bringing together NGOs, UAE government ministries, and partners to address vital climate challenges. It’s not just a space for learning; it’s a networking area focusing on meaningful discussions.

Climate Finance Hub

At the center of transformative efforts, the Climate Finance Hub hosts key financial industry players. Discussions on carbon markets, green capital, energy transition pathways, and global finance redefine the course toward a greener, more resilient future.

Technology & Innovation Hub

Cutting-edge technologies and progressive thinking converge at the Technology & Innovation Hub. This space catalyzes collaboration among governments, businesses, and civil society to leverage climate technologies and address pressing issues.

Startup Village

The Startup Village features over 100 climate tech startups within the Tech and Innovation Hub. Open to the public, it is a platform for engagement, allowing visitors to explore and learn about the latest climate technologies.

Humanitarian Hub

The Humanitarian Hub sheds light on the humanitarian impacts of the climate crisis. Operated by UNOCHA, it features initiatives from diverse partners, emphasizing the role of smaller and local organizations in climate action.

Youth Hub

The Youth Hub is a safe space for young voices and is curated in partnership with Youth Climate Champions. It offers networking opportunities, idea sharing, and cultural activities, reflecting a youth-centric perspective on climate change solutions.

Greening Education Hub

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Greening Education Pavilion – Erth, Legacy for the Land of Zayed – gathers stakeholders to discuss climate education. Government officials, policymakers, students, educators, and entities share knowledge guided by the Greening Education Partnership Framework.

The Green Zone at COP28 UAE is more than a venue; it’s a confluence of ideas and action. It provides a platform for diverse stakeholders to collaborate, innovate, and drive climate solutions. Stay tuned for further details on how to make the most of your visit to the Green Zone and actively participate in shaping our climate future.

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