Adani Electricity Lights Up Mumbai with 100% Renewable Energy on Diwali

Adani Electricity Lights Up Mumbai with 100% Renewable Energy on Diwali

Renewable Energy on Diwali in Mumbai

In a significant stride towards sustainability, Adani Electricity, Mumbai’s power utility company, proudly announced that it exclusively relied on renewable sources to illuminate the city for a substantial four-hour period on Diwali day. This green initiative showcased a commitment to environmental responsibility and marked a milestone in Mumbai’s energy transition.

Peak Demand and Renewable Energy response

Amidst the festive glow, Adani Electricity took the lead in embracing renewable energy sources. The power utility company seamlessly supplied 1,200 MW of renewable energy to its vast subscriber base of 3 million residents. This commendable effort accounted for more than 40% of Mumbai’s power needs during the specified four hours, showcasing the potential of renewables in meeting the energy demands of a bustling metropolis.

Mumbai, grappling with pollution concerns and a pressing need to enhance air quality, witnessed a peak demand exceeding 2,500 MW on Sunday morning, escalating to 2,776 MW in the evening. Against this backdrop, Adani Electricity’s strategic use of renewable energy becomes an eco-friendly choice and a proactive step towards addressing the city’s environmental challenges.

As Mumbai contends with pollution concerns, most of its power supply comes from surrounding areas. Recent directives to a rival power generation company to reduce particulate matter emissions underscore the urgency to curb pollution for the city’s well-being.

In its statement, Adani Electricity revealed meticulous planning for this green initiative. By sourcing power from solar and wind generation, the company ensured a smooth transition to 100% renewable energy during Diwali. Managing Director Kandarp Patel emphasized that this achievement is a pioneering milestone in Mumbai’s energy transition, showcasing that renewables can power the city reliably, sustainably, and at competitive tariffs.

Paving the Way for a Greener Future

Highlighting their ongoing commitment, Adani Electricity disclosed that 38% of the power supplied to consumers in 2023 is sourced from renewable means. This substantial percentage reflects the company’s dedication to green energy. In a bold affirmation, the company aims to escalate this figure to an ambitious 60% by 2027, setting the stage for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious Mumbai.

Adani Electricity’s initiative to illuminate Mumbai with 100% renewable energy on Diwali sends a powerful message. It celebrates the festival of lights and signals a commitment to a cleaner, greener future. As the city looks to tackle pollution and improve air quality, this green triumph becomes a beacon of hope, paving the way for a sustainable energy transition in one of India’s bustling metropolises.

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