UltraTech ranked No 1 in sustainability in building materials sector

According to the rankings of India’s most sustainable businesses released by Sustain Labs Paris, UltraTech is ranked No. 1 in sustainability in the infrastructure and engineering industry (SLP). All companies manufacturing building materials, such as cement and ready-mix concrete producers, fall within the infrastructure and engineering sectors. Additionally, UltraTech was ranked as one of the top 15 sustainable businesses in India.

They have ranked the sustainability performance of India’s 200 top firms by revenue in their “Next Step for Corporate India-2022 India Sustainability Report,” based on Sustain Labs Paris’ team’s yearly study. Using a complex matrix of 31 key performance indicators (KPIs) covering six critical aspects of sustainability—resource efficiency, social entrepreneurship, financial management, employee well-being, clean revenue, and inclusive supply chain—the companies were evaluated, scored, and ranked on their sustainability performance in the financial year 2020–21.

Decarbonization, circular economy, biodiversity management, water positively, safe operations, and community development are UltraTech’s main areas of sustainability concentration. The distinction of being the first Indian firm to raise dollars through sustainability-linked bonds successfully belongs to UltraTech (SLB).

Concerning advancing its diversity goal, UltraTech has achieved significant progress. In India’s building materials industry, UltraTech has the most significant percentage of female board members (30%). It has also made significant strides toward promoting gender diversity throughout its operations. The first business in India, UltraTech, has opened a ready-mix concrete plant run entirely by women.

The main climate change commitments of UltraTech are:
UltraTech has endorsed the GCCA Climate Ambition 2050 and agreed to follow the organization’s plan for achieving net-zero operations. The science-based target effort validates UltraTech’s GHG emission reduction goals (SBTi). The main objectives are to lower scope one carbon dioxide intensity by 27% from 2017 levels by 2032 and scope two carbon dioxide intensity by 69% from 2017 levels by the same year. Under the #RE100 pledge organized by The Climate Group, UltraTech has committed to utilizing only renewable energy by the year 2050. As part of its EP100 promise, UltraTech plans to double energy productivity from the base year of FY10 to FY35.

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