SusVentures and BITS Pilani Collaborate to Launch Climate Startup Program

SusVentures and BITS Pilani Collaborate to Launch Climate Startup Program

Climate Startup – Empowering Student Entrepreneurs for a Sustainable Future

The Sustainability Mafia, a community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, has unveiled its venture creation program, ‘SusVentures,’ marking a significant milestone in the journey towards global sustainability. In collaboration with the esteemed Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (BITS Pilani), SusVentures has initiated its inaugural cohort, enrolling 50 student entrepreneurs from diverse engineering disciplines across multiple campuses.

Fostering Climate Startups

SusVentures aims to nurture the next generation of climate innovators by providing a platform for students to build startups addressing critical challenges in sectors such as Circular Economy, Energy Efficiency, Electric Vehicles (EV), and Solar Energy. To develop 100 climate action companies within the next three years, the program sets the stage for impactful change in the sustainability landscape.

Unique Program Offerings

Participants in the SusVentures program gain access to entrepreneurial courses and an ‘Idea Bank’ comprising curated problem statements sourced directly from climate experts. Each startup is paired with a Dedicated Mentor, offering invaluable expertise, market access, and support to guide them through their entrepreneurial journey. This comprehensive support system equips student entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to succeed in the competitive climate startup ecosystem.

Philanthropic Support and Investment Commitments

SusVentures has garnered philanthropic support from notable individuals and corporations, including Rohit Rajput of Intersection Ventures, Pradip Burman of Dabur Nepal, Mirik Gogri of Spectrum Impact, and CSR funding from companies like Parksons Packaging Ltd and Sanghvi Movers Ltd. Theia Ventures, an official Investment Partner, has committed to investing USD 100,000 in equity funding for promising startups emerging from the program, demonstrating a strong belief in the potential of these ventures.

Esteemed Instructors and Mentors

The SusVentures program boasts a lineup of instructors and mentors comprising industry leaders and founders of industry-leading climate startups. With the guidance of individuals like Krishnan Kasturirangan, Ankit Mittal, Raju Namburi, and others, participants gain insights and mentorship from seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in the sustainability sector. Guest lectures from distinguished industry leaders and professors enrich the learning experience, providing students diverse perspectives and valuable insights.

Future Expansion and Impact

SusVentures plans to expand its reach through collaborations with top-tier Indian universities and in-person Immersion Programs. By catering to a broader pool of applicants, including working professionals, corporate leaders, serial entrepreneurs, and researchers, the program aims to amplify its impact and foster a sustainable future. Through continuous innovation and collaboration, SusVentures is poised to drive meaningful change in the climate startup ecosystem, one venture at a time.

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