Engineering Waste Management the Best Way

Engineering Waste Management the Best Way

From an automobile engineer to a waste management company founder, Anil Gokarn’s journey is one of passion and life’s calling.

Anil’s professional life as an automobile engineer with the Tata and ZF took him travelling and during those travels the stench emanating from burnt things around was so overpowering that it led him to leave a well cushioned corporate life to dive into the rumble and tumble of entrepreneurship after a brief stint at Know How Foundation Inora where he picked up the nuances of waste management. 

Climate Champion Anil Gokran ProEarth EcosystemsHis venture, ProEarth Ecosystems is a green services company, which provides integrated decentralised waste management services. They implement end to end decentralised waste management for housing societies, corporates and educational institutions. Across their projects, they enable source segregation of waste generated, oversee composting and send recyclables for recycling. They also run a unique Garden Waste to soil development program, that prevents air pollution. Not only that, they hold training and educational workshops across gated communities on sanitary waste handling. And through all of this they ensure zero bio-degradable waste to landfill using cost effective and customised solutions. Till date the company has recycled 15000 MT of wet waste, 2500MT of garden waste, 10MT of dry waste and 1 MT of e-waste.

Waste management is essential for protecting the environment, public health, conserving resources, and promoting sustainable development. Equally important is raising awareness about it. With that objective in mind, Pro Earth Ecosystems undertakes activities focused on awareness generation for schools, colleges, corporates and urban and rural residents. In addition, they also work on rural skill building programs, such as upcycling and waste-to-craft projects. All this ably guided by a team of environmentalists, microbiologists, bio technologists, trained coordinators, service providers and social entrepreneurs for waste management.

Waste management is a critical issue in today’s world as the amount of waste generated continues to increase due to growing populations, urbanization, and consumption patterns. Effective waste management practices are essential for protecting the environment, reducing health risks, and conserving natural resources. Waste management in today’s times involves a range of practices to reduce waste generation, conserve resources, and protect the environment. It requires a collaborative effort between individuals, businesses, and governments to ensure effective waste management practices are implemented and maintained. And that is exactly where Anil’s company strikes the right chords. 

If you are interested in climate action, sustainable development and zero waste habitats, you can connect with them for a meaningful partnership at

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