Winter may be coming, but climate change is already here

Winter may be coming, but climate change is already here…

It’s a reality, and there’s no denying it. We here at Climatora acknowledge the massive and outspread damage caused by it and have taken up our responsibility in fighting the same. We help you track your carbon footprint, learn about climate change, and act to offset your emissions.

If you want to know the threat posed by climate change, imagine the worst of Covid-19 multiplied by an infinite number- Constant lockdowns due to an almost inhospitable environment, casualties in millions, the collapse of economies….you get the rough idea.

The four responses to climate change have traditionally been:  “Climate change is baloney. It isn’t real”,  “Climate change is real, but we humans haven’t caused it. So it isn’t our responsibility to stop it”; “Climate change is caused by humans. Still, it isn’t that dangerous”; “Climate change is devasting. There’s nothing we can do to stop it.” We have given ourselves the excuse to do nothing in these cases. Though the challenge is accurate, it does not mean we can’t do anything about it.

We know that you may have heard this line a million times, but if it motivates you, we will repeat it, Every effort counts. Do it because you want a future for yourself and your family; do it because you feel you owe it to this planet that has given you everything; the reason does not matter anymore; the effort does.

Despite all the challenges, some brave people and institutions are willing to fight for our planet and future. These revolutionaries need to be appreciated. In a bid to do so, we are starting a new series in our celebrating these heroes.

Now you might ask us who has the time to read a long article about Climate Warrior. You may be right. However, our motive behind this is to ensure that these Warriors know how much we respect their efforts. Just by reading the headline, our objective has been achieved if an additional person is aware of them. So if we have had your attention till now, it’s a good sign. Instead of rambling on anymore, let’s meet in our next article with a story about a new Climate Warrior.

Contributed by Hriday Amonkar

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