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Low Carbon Innovation & Leadership Conference

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Achieving NetZero targets requires collaboration across policy, innovation, finance, and leadership sectors. However, a knowledge gap needs to be bridged to deploy clean technology and decarbonize effectively.

Innovation Zero is a congress to address this gap by bringing together professionals from these sectors.

Investors and corporate sustainability executives need to identify and support innovators who can significantly mitigate climate change. Innovators require access to capital, and supply chain leaders in public and corporate sectors need to decarbonize their networks. Procurement needs to find low-cost, low-carbon suppliers.

Innovation Zero is a free-to-attend congress that offers access to world-class speakers and experts in clean technology innovation and implementing low-carbon solutions. The congress provides an excellent opportunity to network with other senior leaders, innovators, funders, and policymakers. Attendees will be informed of all the free-to-attend networking events in advance so they can make valuable connections.

Innovation Zero is also a showcase of cutting-edge clean technology innovations from around the world, and attendees will have the opportunity to meet the founders driving this change. With over 250 speakers across seven stages, attendees will be updated with the latest thinking on how businesses can lead in decarbonization transformation.

By attending Innovation Zero, other movers\’ and shakers\’ passion and dedication to driving positive change within their organizations can inspire professionals. This event offers a platform to gain the knowledge and tools needed to make a difference.

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Date :
24 May 2023
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All day
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Innovation Zero

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