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Embracing Climate Hope: UNDP Geneva Leads Global Effort for a Sustainable Future

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Keeping 1.5° alive – First event of the UNDP Geneva Climate Event Series

UNDP Geneva is proposing a series of collaborative events, uniting “a coalition of the willing,” comprised of UN agencies, member states, academics, CSO, and advocates. These events aim to discuss the progress humanity has achieved in the last ten years to create a model that can tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis more effectively in the future. Each event will address a specific thematic entry point, such as adaptation or resilience in crisis-affected countries, and will bring evidence of progress towards a transition towards a cleaner, safer, more equitable world that can be scaled up and replicated broadly.   The series is part of a broader effort to promote climate hope, mobilize energy for the Paris Agreement, and influence climate policies to achieve high climate ambition by COP30. It aims to contribute to the UNSG global campaign to advocate for deepening efforts to keep the 1.5° goal alive.    In collaboration with WMO, the first event, Keeping 1.5° Alive, is a follow-up to the launch of the Climate Promise action plan for 2025/2030 presented in April 2024 and will focus on the importance of having science-driven, ambitious climate policies in place through Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). It will tackle the theme of moving from aspiration to action and developing and implementing bold, bold, and bold climate policies to preserve a healthy planet.
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Date :
20 June 2024
Time :
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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UNDP Geneva

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