Pune Opens World's Largest Biogas Plant Manufacturing Facility

World’s Largest Biogas Plant Manufacturing Facility

On World Environment Day, Sistema. Bio, a global social company that develops biogas technology, opened the world’s largest biogas plant production facility in Chakan, Pune. This innovative factory produces 100,000 prefabricated biogas plants annually in 130,000 square feet. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is strategically located to meet the Asia Pacific and African demand with a stunning 150 million INR (USD 1.8 million) investment.

The factory produces 360 units daily and hopes to boost output through automation. The new factory has 100,000 units annually, up from 30,000 at the old one. This massive manufacturing facility establishes a new standard for biogas plant production in India and is ISO 9001-certified, demonstrating its high-quality goods and efficient production methods.

Sistema Bio’s innovative biogas reactors and membrane templates are patented in India. In December 2022, India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) certified Sistema Bio’s cutting-edge biogas technology. Using advanced gear, the facility produces contemporary biogas plants, booster pumps, H2S scrubbers, biodigesters, and cookstoves.

Sistema.bio India plans to automate its operations to reach hundreds of thousands of farmers over the next five years. Sistema. Bio aims to deploy one million biogas plants in India by 2030. Sistema. Bio addresses thousands of Indian farmers through partnerships with foundations, NGOs, cooperatives, private dairies, and rural development organizations. Farmers can afford modern biogas technology with its novel Carbon financing approach.

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