Time now for India’s first plastic project

Time now for India’s first plastic project

The first company to list an Indian plastic project (India’s first plastic project) under a global accreditation standard is EKI Energy Services, a developer and distributor of #carboncredits. In order to establish India’s first-ever worldwide plastic credits, the Indore-based carbon credit specialist EKI Energy Services, which has worked in the field of climate action and offset solutions for the past 14 years across 16 nations, listed the project.

The project ensures that plastic waste, primarily Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) waste, PET flakes, and chips, is appropriately sourced and recycled to create Recycled Polyester Staple Fibre (RPSF) that can then is used in the textile industry for clothing and other utility products made of fabric. It is utilized as a polyfill to stuff cushions, pillows, soft toys, and quilts, as well as in the non-woven carpet, wadding, and filtration sectors. Additionally, it is employed in the production of geotextiles and yarn.

Compared to virgin polyester fibers made from raw materials, recycled polyester has many advantages. Its less negative influence on the environment is its main advantage. The cutting-edge polyester fiber lowers greenhouse gas emissions and water and energy use.

Reusing plastic bottles while manufacturing recycled polyester fibers significantly lowers environmental pollutants, including water and air pollution. The decrease in the number of bottles dumped in landfills is a significant benefit of using recycled polyester over virgin polyester. It will undoubtedly spur countless new initiatives across the country to increase their recycling activities methodically to secure financing from plastic credits that can enable and encourage more significant climate action. Such a value chain will also empower everyone involved in the collection and recycling process, from rag pickers to recycling facilities.

Verra, a Washington-based organization, has granted the initial accreditation under their Plastic Waste Reduction Standard.

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