Sustainiam Wins Big at Karnataka’s Elevate 2023

Elevate 2023 – Recognizing Sustainiam as a Promising Technology-Driven Startups

Sustainiam, a burgeoning climate-tech startup based in Bangalore, has achieved a significant milestone by emerging as one of the top 15 winners in the prestigious Elevate 2023 Call Two program organized by the Government of Karnataka. This remarkable feat, which includes a grant of 25 Lakhs in cash and an additional 75 Lakhs in benefits, reinforces Sustainiam’s position as a leading innovator among thousands of startups across the state, and is a source of pride and excitement for all involved.

The Elevate program, an initiative by the Government of Karnataka

This program is designed to identify and support the most promising technology-driven startups. A distinguished committee oversees the selection process, including representatives from NASSCOM and TiE Bangalore. This year, Sustainiam’s cutting-edge solutions addressing the global climate crisis earned it a spot among the elite winners.

Driving Sustainability with Advanced Solutions

Sustainiam’s innovative solutions, which promote renewable energy and alternative fuel generation projects, have the potential to significantly impact the global sustainability landscape. Its technology facilitates the creation of tradeable certificates in carbon markets, providing clients with an additional revenue stream. These initiatives cater to a diverse range of clients, from large enterprises to MSMEs, including rural areas. This recognition highlights the startup’s potential to bring about a more sustainable and hopeful future.

Leadership and Vision

“Sustainiam is committed to transforming the sustainability landscape,” stated Sapna Nijhawan, Founder and CEO of Sustainiam and a leading figure in the climate-tech sector. She added, “With our establishment in India and our expansion into global carbon markets, the support from the Government of Karnataka through the Elevate grant will enable us to scale our carbon solutions and extend our global reach.”

Scaling Solutions for Global Impact

As Sustainiam embarks on this new chapter, the team is more determined than ever to leverage this opportunity to scale their solutions and enhance their impact in combating climate change. The company extends its services across multiple sectors, including hotels, airlines, real estate, textiles, defense, and more. Notable clients include ITC Hotels, Accenture, Lodha Group, Thales, and Coca-Cola. Sustainiam’s efforts have already borne fruit, with ITC Hotels becoming the first on Earth to earn the prestigious Sustainable and Green Platinum LEED certification by effectively offsetting their emissions.

Innovative Products and Services

Founded in 2023, Sustainiam has rapidly positioned itself as a leader in carbon management and sustainability solutions. Their advanced products include ECal, CiP, and EmX, along with services such as Enterprise SaaS, Stakeholder Management, Off-take, and Assisted OTC. The company’s mission is to simplify sustainability efforts for businesses globally, ensuring a greener future.

Mentorship and Growth

Sustainiam’s success is bolstered by mentorship from NASSCOM and K-Tech, which will support significant growth and development. This collaboration will ensure that Sustainiam’s innovative solutions reach every corner of the globe, furthering their mission to revolutionize emission reporting and offsetting worldwide.

Commitment to Sustainability

This remarkable achievement underscores Sustainiam’s unwavering dedication to driving innovation and positive change in sustainability. The company’s aim is to accelerate the energy transition and revolutionize emission reporting and offsetting worldwide through its cutting-edge platform, which prioritizes liquidity, transparency, credibility, and traceability. This commitment should reassure the audience of Sustainiam’s dedication to their mission and the positive impact they are striving to achieve.

A Promising Future

As Sustainiam continues to expand its impact on the global stage, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability. With the backing of the Elevate 2023 grant and the support of industry leaders, Sustainiam is poised to lead the charge in climate-tech innovation, driving positive change for both the industry and the planet.

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