STL Sets Global Milestone with Launch of Eco-labelled Optical Products

STL Sets Global Milestone with Launch of Eco-labelled Optical Products

STL (Sterlite Technologies Limited), a renowned optical and digital solutions company

The Company has made history by introducing a pioneering range of Eco-labelled Certified Optical Products. This momentous achievement has been acknowledged and validated by two prestigious organizations – Sphera, a US-based ESG performance consulting services company, and Metsims Sustainability Consulting, a globally recognized sustainability consulting firm.

The significance of third-party verification in ecolabeling cannot be overstated. It adds an essential layer of credibility and trust to a company’s environmental claims. In the case of STL, this reputable third-party certification catapults its sustainability efforts into the highest echelons of environmental leadership. The recognition of their gold-rated products as ‘Sustainable and Green’ underscores STL’s unwavering commitment to genuine sustainable practices, a refreshing contrast in an age where greenwashing concerns have become prevalent.

Comprehensive Eco-labelled Optical Products

The Ecolabels bestowed upon STL’s products adhere to ISO 14024 and EU guidelines, offering a comprehensive evaluation of environmental attributes. These multi-attribute Ecolabels encompass various ecological parameters, including energy consumption, chemical usage, recycling practices, and more.

STL’s Eco-labelled products have undergone rigorous, multi-attribute scrutiny, emerging as clear frontrunners compared to standard products. These eco-champions lead the way by:

1. Utilizing approximately 52% less energy.
2. Carrying a reduced global warming potential by around 75%.
3. Incorporating roughly 18% more recycled content and 25% in recycled packaging materials and water.
4. Reusing and recovering about 20% more waste.
5. Extending the network’s longevity by nearly 13 years.

[Source: Sphera ecolabel methodology report]

A Record of Sustainability Initiatives

This groundbreaking announcement follows a series of pioneering sustainability initiatives undertaken by STL. These include their commitments to Zero-Waste to Landfill and Zero Liquid Discharge certifications, in addition to their recent alignment with the Science-based Targets initiative (SBTi).

STL’s commitment doesn’t end with this remarkable feat. They have set their sights on a fantastic goal – to have approximately 80% of their optical product range Ecolabelled by 2030. This endeavor seamlessly aligns with their ambitious Net-zero emissions objective.

STL’s pioneering Eco-labelled Optical Products have not only elevated their status as an industry leader but also set a global precedent for sustainability. These gold-rated products, verified by reputable third-party organizations, signify an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and carbon neutrality. As STL continues toward a greener future, it sets the stage for a profound impact on the entire digital networks industry worldwide.

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