Indian Army to _Go Green

Indian Army to “Go Green”

Cosmo teams with the Indian Army to “Go Green.”

The Cosmo Foundation, a community outreach program of Cosmo First Limited, planted 10,000 trees at the AAHWAN Centre in Delhi Cantonment in honor of Earth Day.

The Miyawaki methodology, a ground-breaking strategy for restoring forestry cover in urban areas, is used to carry out the tree planting initiative at the AAHWAN Centre. By using this technology, a thriving green body can be produced with faster growth and denser plantation. To reduce care, dozens of natural species are planted together in one location. Cosmo Foundation has already planted fifty-five thousand seedlings in the regions of Delhi, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. The Foundation has also spent almost INR 1.12 crore on providing clean and accessible water to communities in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, and Delhi, in addition to the tree planting campaigns. More than 15,000 people have directly benefited from these efforts, improving their lives by securing access to clean drinking water. Cosmo Foundation continues to significantly contribute to building a sustainable future for communities all over India with its everlasting dedication to sustainability and community welfare.

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