India gets its first solar-powered village

India gets its first solar-powered village

The village of Modhera, famous for a centuries-old Sun temple constructed during the Chalukya regime, became the center of attention when Prime Minister Narendra Modi proclaimed Modhera village is the nation’s first 24X7 # solar-powered village.

The town includes a ground-mounted solar power plant. Over 1,300 homes have 1kW rooftop solar power systems installed to provide electricity. Each of these solar arrays is connected to a mechanism for storing energy in batteries (BESS). The community will be powered during the day by solar panels, and in the evening, the homes will be powered by BESS.

India’s first grid-connected megawatt-hour scale battery energy storage system. The state allocated 12 hectares of land for the project. In contrast, the central and state governments each contributed more than Rs. 80 crores in two parts. The Gujarat government claimed that by making this change, residents of the hamlet could reduce their electricity costs by 60% to 100%.

Solar electricity is a less expensive, greener option for rural communities.
The growing availability of solar electricity in rural regions is a significant advantage. In addition to providing the residents of Modhera with free electricity to meet their requirements, the solar rooftop project will enable them to make money by selling extra electricity to power companies. Other local industries like agriculture, pottery, weaving, and carpentry can be run on solar energy in rural India. People can also look for work and develop their skill sets in these industries.

Modhera will become the first Indian community to generate net renewable energy as a result of the project, according to the Gujarat government, illustrating how #renewableenergy can empower people locally.

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