IFFCO Invests AED 77 Million in a Comprehensive Sustainability Drive

IFFCO Invests AED 77 Million in a Comprehensive Sustainability Drive

A Comprehensive Sustainability Drive

IFFCO, a leading Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company in the UAE, is making significant strides toward a sustainable future by allocating AED 77 million to a comprehensive sustainability initiative spanning two years. This commitment includes ten programs comprising 156 projects to bolster environmental performance across various domains.

IFFCO has identified six critical areas where it aims to make tangible efforts to enhance its environmental impact positively. These focus areas include:

1. Climate Change
2. Energy Management
3. Water Management
4. Forests
5. Circular Economy
6. Biodiversity

To contribute to the global fight against climate change, IFFCO has set an ambitious goal of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its operations and energy consumption by 17 percent by 2025. The company is actively analyzing its corporate footprint, identifying key measures and hotspots for intervention.

Shiraz Allana, Supervisory Board Member at IFFCO, highlighted the company’s vision of becoming the preferred provider of sustainable value-added products and services globally. He emphasized a holistic approach to sustainability, addressing impacts and opportunities across the entire value chain.

In energy management, IFFCO is pursuing a 4.8 percent reduction in GHG emissions and 3.7 percent through renewable energy initiatives between 2021 and 2025. The company is incorporating solar panels in 11 out of 26 business units, with five units already generating electricity from solar power. Additionally, energy efficiency projects in partnership with Siemens are underway in the UAE. In Ghana, IFFCO is piloting a solution to generate energy from responsibly sourced biomass, aiming to reduce GHG emissions by at least 70% compared to conventional fuels.

As part of its Zero Deforestation ambition, IFFCO has achieved 100 percent traceability to mill (TTM) and 85 percent to plantation (TTP) for palm oil products. The company actively monitors deforestation risks for 40 percent of its palm supply base, covering 6 million hectares. IFFCO aims to extend this monitoring to the remaining 60% shortly.

The company is taking proactive steps to limit its impact on biodiversity, piloting a program at its olive oil plantation. Learnings from this initiative will inform future projects in biodiversity conservation.

IFFCO is committed to reducing waste generation and introducing packaging with a reduced environmental impact. The company continues integrating sustainable practices across its operations and products, leveraging advanced technology and innovation to enhance its environmental performance.

IFFCO’s substantial investment in sustainability reflects a commitment to addressing critical environmental challenges. The multi-faceted approach, spanning climate change, energy, water, forests, circular economy, and biodiversity, positions IFFCO as a crucial player in driving positive difference in the FMCG industry. The 156 projects initiated over the next two years mark a significant step towards achieving a more sustainable and resilient future.

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