Citi Introduces Sustainable Deposits for Institutional Clients in India

Citi introduces sustainable time deposit product in India

Citi recently launched a sustainable time deposit product in India to help institutional clients invest excess cash while meeting sustainability goals. Clients are increasingly interested in sustainable investment, products, and services. After Singapore and Hong Kong, Citi launched this product in India, spreading its program to Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S.

This Citi India product supports Citi Social Finance Framework projects. Citi will finance or refinance assets in a portfolio of eligible social finance projects that increase access for low-income and underserved communities to affordable basic infrastructure, housing, economic inclusion, education, food security, and healthcare.

TTS India’s sustainable products include sustainable supply chain financing, sustainable trade loans, and sustainable time deposits. Citi’s Social Finance team has 15 years of experience creating market-based business models and collaborations to help low-income communities. These solutions help Citi, its clients, and partners increase financial inclusion, basic service access, job creation, and social infrastructure development in emerging nations. Citi’s social finance emphasis is to invest in 15 million low-income households, including 10 million women, by 2025.

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