Buyofuel Top Global Clean Energy Startup

Buyofuel: Top Global Clean Energy Startup

Buyofuel Recognized Among Top Global Clean Energy Start-ups

In a significant accolade for India’s clean energy sector, biofuel manufacturer and aggregator Buyofuel has secured a coveted position among the top 100 international start-ups in the ‘Clean Energy and Storage’ category for the SET Award 2024.

SET Award: Recognizing Innovation in Clean Energy

The SET100 list, compiled annually, highlights the most promising start-ups across various clean energy categories. With over 430 contenders from 75 countries, Buyofuel’s selection for the second consecutive year reflects its pioneering efforts in driving sustainable solutions in the biofuel industry.

Leveraging Technology for Positive Change

Kishan Karunakaran, CEO of Buyofuel, expressed gratitude for the recognition, emphasizing the company’s dedication to harnessing technology to advance India’s biofuel sector. Buyofuel aims to empower businesses and communities to embrace sustainable energy practices by fostering innovation and delivering impactful solutions.

Driving Towards a Cleaner Future

As the global industry shifts towards achieving net-zero emissions, start-ups like Buyofuel are pivotal in reshaping operational frameworks. By integrating technological advancements with sustainability principles, SET100 start-ups spearhead initiatives to reduce carbon footprints across critical sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and energy production.

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