Bihar and UP among the top 50 climate-risk areas in the world

Bihar and UP among the top 50 climate-risk areas in the world

According to a recent analysis titled “Gross Domestic Climate Risk,” nine Indian states, including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, and Punjab, are among the top 50 locations in the world at risk of harm to the built environment owing to climate change hazards. 

According to PTI reports, the Cross Dependency Initiative (XDI), a member of a network of businesses dedicated to estimating and publicising the consequences of climate change, has determined the physical climatic risk to the built environment in over 2,600 states and provinces worldwide in 2050. The information contrasted these regions based on simulations of the harm that extreme weather and climate change may cause to structures and properties, such as flooding, forest fires, heat waves, and sea level rise. 

According to study, China, the US, and India would be home to 80% of the top 50 most vulnerable states and provinces in 2050. China has the most states in terms of climate risk to the built environment, followed by India. According to the report, the nine Indian states are Tamil Nadu (36), Uttar Pradesh (25), Assam (28), Rajasthan (32), Bihar (22) Uttar Pradesh (25), Maharashtra (38), Gujarat (48), Punjab (51) and Kerala (52). Climate risk to the built environment would grow by almost 330 percent in Assam by 2050 compared to 1990. 

Significantly, this is the first time a physical climate risk analysis has compared every state, province, and territory in the world while focusing solely on the built environment. Brazil, Pakistan, and Indonesia are some of the other nations in the top 50 having several provinces and states. High-ranking nations in Europe include the cities of London, Milan, Munich, and Venice.

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