Amul Transforming from Dairy Giant to Green Energy Pioneer

Amul Transforming from Dairy Giant to Green Energy Pioneer

Green Energy Pioneer

For decades, Amul has been a household name in the dairy sector, catering to the nation’s milk and dairy needs. However, this iconic brand is embarking on a groundbreaking journey to revolutionize India’s green energy landscape. In an unexpected yet visionary move, Amul is venturing into uncharted territory, aiming to tackle issues that were seldom considered.

Amul’s remarkable step toward green energy transformation has been acknowledged and honored with the 2023 Iconic Changemaker Award. Jayen Mehta, the Managing Director of Amul’s marketing arm, the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), shared insights into this bold move during the award acceptance.

Amul is committed to enhancing India’s circular economy, a paradigm shift with the potential to empower producers and the entire planet. Jayen Mehta highlighted a profound fact about cows—their lactation cycle, which lasts for approximately 300 days a year. What’s intriguing is that cows produce dung every day, which is the catalyst for a transformative process.

Harnessing the Power of Dung

Amul is orchestrating a process through its cooperatives to collect this valuable resource: cow dung. Cow dung, when processed, yields methane, a clean and efficient source of biogas. This biogas can be used for various purposes, from lighting stoves in farmers’ homes to fueling cars. However, the ingenuity continues. The residual product of this process is biofertilizer, a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers. The result? Food is produced without the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers.

Amul’s initiative is a remarkable win-win-win solution. It enhances farmers’ income by capitalizing on a resource that was previously overlooked. Simultaneously, it reduces the nation’s import bill on fuel and chemical fertilizers. Most importantly, consumers benefit from the availability of food produced without the detrimental impact of chemical fertilizers. It’s a triumphant situation for all stakeholders.

This transformative journey signifies Amul’s evolution from a renowned food and dairy company to an energy company. It’s a direction where dairy cooperatives and technology converge to create a powerful model for energy security.

Inclusiveness and Empowering Women

Mehta proudly highlighted that the dairy cooperative contributes Rs 200 crore daily to the accounts of farmers, with one-third of that amount directly benefiting women. This groundbreaking energy initiative also embodies the power of women in leading social transformation. It is an inclusive endeavor that generates job opportunities, fosters nutrition, and fosters self-reliance for 1.4 billion people, primarily concerning a vital element in their lives: milk and dairy.

Amul’s visionary leap into the realm of green energy not only promises to revolutionize the dairy sector but also offers a holistic approach to socio-economic transformation. The innovative use of cow dung as a resource is a testament to Amul’s commitment to environmental sustainability and inclusiveness. It’s a remarkable journey that transcends food and dairy to embrace the broader aspects of energy, environment, and empowerment.

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