23.7% Surge in Renewable Energy Jobs in India in FY 24

Renewable Energy Jobs booming Job in Tier II and III Cities

India’s renewable energy sector is experiencing a significant surge in employment, with job growth reaching an impressive 23.7% in FY24, according to a recent report by the reputable TeamLease Services. This substantial rise from the 8.5% growth recorded in FY23 underscores the sector’s expanding role in India’s employment landscape, particularly in the country’s ongoing efforts to transition to sustainable energy sources.

The report reveals that the demand for jobs in the renewable energy sector is notably increasing in tier II and III cities, which are emerging as critical hubs for renewable energy initiatives. Positions such as solar PV and wind turbine technicians, installers, roofers, production operators, storage operators, and waste management specialists are in high demand. These roles are not just essential for implementing and maintaining renewable energy projects, but also reflect the sector’s robust growth and critical role in supporting India’s clean energy transition, a cause that should make every Indian proud.

Enhanced Workforce Resilience and Stability

Subburathinam P., CSO Staffing at TeamLease Services, highlighted the positive trends in the sector, emphasizing its contribution to building a resilient workforce. One of the report’s notable findings is the decline in attrition rates, which fell to 33.5% in FY24 from 38.8% in FY23. This decline indicates improved job satisfaction and stability within the sector, suggesting that employees are increasingly committed to their roles in renewable energy projects.

Kartik Narayan, CEO of Staffing at TeamLease Services, reflected on the industry’s evolution, pointing out the strong correlation between job growth and reduced attrition. He emphasized the sector’s role in creating a conducive environment for talent to flourish, which is crucial for fostering a sustainable future. Narayan noted that the renewable energy sector is not just a growing job market, but also a field that promotes long-term career development and stability, offering a beacon of hope for those seeking sustainable career paths.

Educational Diversity in the Workforce

The report provides valuable insights into the educational qualifications of the workforce in the renewable energy sector. It reveals that 22.9% of employees have completed their secondary education, 73% hold ITI diplomas or graduation degrees, and 4.1% possess postgraduate degrees. This educational diversity, ranging from secondary education to postgraduate degrees, highlights the sector’s inclusive hiring practices and ability to attract a wide range of talent. The presence of employees with varied academic backgrounds underscores the sector’s commitment to providing opportunities for individuals at different levels of education and skill.

A Sustainable Future with Skilled Workforce

TeamLease Services’ analysis showcases the renewable energy sector as a growing job market and a field that fosters a committed and stable workforce dedicated to sustainable energy solutions. The sector’s significant job growth and declining attrition rates are indicative of its positive impact on employment and its potential to drive economic growth.

The expansion of the renewable energy sector aligns with India’s broader goals of reducing carbon emissions and increasing the share of renewable energy in its energy mix. Creating new job opportunities in this sector is essential for achieving these goals, as it ensures a skilled workforce capable of supporting the development and implementation of renewable energy projects.

Impact on Local Economies

The growth of the renewable energy sector is also positively impacting local economies, particularly in tier II and III cities. As these cities become hubs for renewable energy initiatives, they are experiencing economic benefits such as increased investment, job creation, and improved infrastructure. The development of renewable energy projects in these areas is helping to drive economic growth and create new opportunities for local communities.

The report by TeamLease Services highlights the importance of supporting the renewable energy sector through policies and initiatives that encourage investment and job creation. By fostering a conducive environment for its growth, India can ensure that it remains at the forefront of the global transition to sustainable energy.

India’s renewable energy sector is witnessing remarkable job growth, with a 23.7% increase in employment in FY24. This growth is driven by the sector’s expanding role in the country’s energy landscape and the rising demand for renewable energy solutions. The decline in attrition rates and the educational diversity of the workforce further underscore the sector’s positive impact on employment and its potential to drive economic growth.

As India transitions to sustainable energy sources, the renewable energy sector will create job opportunities and support the country’s economic development. The findings of the TeamLease Services report highlight the importance of investing in and promoting policies that support its growth. By doing so, India can ensure a sustainable future for its workforce and contribute to global efforts to combat climate change.

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