Recycling of Twin Towers’ Debris

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The Noida Supertech Twin Towers, also known as the Apex Tower and Ceyane Tower, were ordered to be demolished on August 31, 2021, according to an order issued by the Supreme Court of India, which maintained the Allahabad High Court’s initial ruling.

The towers were destroyed on August 28, 2022, at 2:30 p.m. after an implosion that lasted roughly 10 seconds and produced 30,000 tonnes of construction and demolition debris.

Re Sustainability, Asia’s top #circulareconomy and environmental management firm, which has been tasked with managing the trash produced during building and demolition and ensuring effective resource recovery, provides a broad range of environmental services and infrastructure solutions in several categories, including waste management of hazardous, municipal, and biological waste, construction waste, and e-waste.

In three months, the business will process 300 tonnes of waste each day at its recycling and processing facility for construction and demolition debris in Noida. Re Sustainability’s CEO, Masood Mallick, stated that the business has taken on the vital role of recycling garbage and turning it into building materials.

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