EKI to boost its spend on saving the environment

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EnKing International (EKI) will spend up to Rs 200 crore of its Rs 1000 crore #ClimateImpact Fund, the 1st of its kind in India, to support GHG Mitigation initiatives domestically and abroad. To achieve its goals of improving lives while also helping the environment, the fund will concentrate specifically on high-impact community development projects like waste management, access to clean drinking water through water filtration systems, and clean cooking through the large-scale deployment of energy-efficient improved cook stoves (ICS).

According to the company, the projects will result in high-quality #carboncredits for its investors by reducing emissions significantly. The investors can use these credits to offset their carbon emissions following local laws, or they can sell them to earn money on various carbon markets, such as CORSIA, the domestic emission trading scheme, Article 6.2 and Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement, and voluntary international markets subject to relevant host country ap The initiatives will be implemented geographically in distant areas of India and a few other nations in Africa, Asia, and LATAM.

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