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reCharkha: Weaving an EcoSocial Revolution from Waste

In the relentless pursuit of a sustainable and eco-friendly future, reCharkha

The EcoSocial Tribe, emerges as a beacon of change, transforming waste into wealth and creating livelihoods for marginalized communities. This is the story of Amita Deshpande, Abhishek, and their dedicated team, who are not just founders but climate champions leading a global movement to combat plastic pollution, environmental degradation, and rural unemployment.

Vision and Mission:

At the core of reCharkha’s ethos lies a grand vision – “Rising towards EcoSocial Development.” The immediate mission is clear – “Upcycling waste to conserve the environment, enable rural livelihoods, and create aware citizens of this planet.” This mission manifests in their three-pronged approach: conserving our environment and heritage, enabling rural livelihoods, and creating conscious consumers.

The Upcycling Journey:

ReCharkha tackles the colossal waste management issue, explicitly focusing on non-biodegradable and difficult-to-recycle waste plastics. The initiative doesn’t stop at waste reduction but extends to empowering tribal women and youth through craft-based livelihood opportunities. Through the ancient art of hand-rolling and hand-weaving on the Charkha and Handloom, waste plastic is transformed into exquisite handcrafted fabric. This fabric becomes the canvas for various consumer products, from handbags and fashion accessories to office utilities and home decor items.

Amita DeshpandeAmita Deshpande, the driving force behind reCharkha, emphasizes the urgency of their work. “In the vicinity of some of our favorite getaways lies an ever-growing heap of dumped plastic waste owing to rampant industrialization and commercialization,” she states. Neglecting this issue has dire consequences, with waste burning to pollute the air or finding its way into water bodies, harming ecosystems globally.

The Symbolism of Charkha:

The revival of the Charkha, a traditional spinning wheel, is not just a nod to history but a powerful symbol in the fight against contemporary challenges. The Charkha was once synonymous with India’s independence movement, symbolizing self-reliance. Now, reCharkha breathes new life into this age-old symbol, representing a global movement for freedom from plastic pollution.

AbhishekAbhishek, Co-Founder, and COO brings his expertise in manufacturing operations and lean operations management and a unique perspective from the field of nutrition and fitness. His role is integral in enhancing traditional techniques and equipment for upcycling, ensuring efficiency in production processes, and contributing to the success of reCharkha.

Awards and Recognitions:

ReCharkha’s commitment and impact have not gone unnoticed. Their accolades, including the Times Now Amazing Indians Award, Rotary Green Ambassador Award, and MSME Udyojakta Puraskar for Eco-Friendly Product, are a testament to their dedication and innovation.

My EcoSocial Planet Foundation:

“My EcoSocial Planet” is the non-profit arm of reCharkha, founded to facilitate a movement towards eco-social and sustainable development. The foundation focuses on awareness generation, rural skill-building programs, and holistic sustainability encompassing waste management, water conservation, renewable energy, and livelihood enablement.

The Journey Ahead:

As they stand at the intersection of innovation, sustainability, and social impact, reCharkha envisions a future where their model of eco-social development becomes the norm. Their journey involves upcycling waste, fostering awareness, and creating a conscious consumer base.

Amita Deshpande dreams of a sustainable village and lives by the principles she advocates. The team at reCharkha is not just solving today’s problems; they are building a legacy for future generations. As they continue to weave their story of empowerment, environmental stewardship, and conscious living, they invite others to join the eco-social tribe and be part of this transformative journey.

reCharkha is more than a company; it’s a movement that challenges us to rethink our relationship with waste, envision a world free from plastic pollution, and actively participate in building a sustainable and inclusive future. Through their hands-on approach, they craft products and shape a better world, one upcycled thread at a time. To know more about them, visit their website:


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