Discover the Sustainable and Stylish World of Bamboo at Earthing

Discover the Sustainable and Stylish World of Bamboo at Earthing

This episode of #climateChampions is dedicated to Sunita Gokhale’s Earthing, a marketplace of sustainable products.

What started as an organization set up to address the garbage crisis in housing societies has since evolved into a one-stop shop catering to environmentally conscious citizens’ zero-waste or low-waste lifestyle goals. Living true to the 3R concept of reuse, reduce, and recycle

Climate Champion Sunita Gokhale’s EarthingEarthing has over 600 products listed, some of which are private labels and others sourced from other small and medium business units engaged in the production of sustainable products ranging from reusable products like diapers and sanitary pads, cotton handkerchiefs, reusable bamboo straws, collapsible tumblers, grain bags, tote bags, etc. to up cycled products like renovated waste wood art, crate wood laptop stands, crate wood toys, garden waste twig art, twig pen stands, plastic wrapper-based bags, fabric waste up cycled into cushion covers, runners, and coconut shell salt and pepper shakers, etc.

Bamboo-based products are a highly recommended material to look out for in their store. Sunita and her team are convinced about it for the simple reason that not only is it a sustainable crop, but it can be abundantly grown locally in our country as it requires less water and less pesticide, is a sturdy material, and can be put to multiple uses.

Some unique bamboo products that they have at their store are hygiene products like toothbrushes, earbuds, straws, travel kits, etc., and other products like pen stands, lampshades, akashkandils for Diwali, planters, bamboo speakers, rakhees, table organizers, keychains, trays, tea coasters, wine bottle holders, bamboo boat, etc.

Guided by the thought that “Instead of managing waste after it’s created, going zero waste seems a better option,” Sunita and the team at Earthing focus on bamboo products as they make for quick and easy swaps from the usual plastic stuff rampantly available in the market. Not only that, it poses a win-win situation because the material is eco-friendly, robust, comparably affordable, and helps create rural income and jobs.

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