A Sustainable Package born out of Love for Nature

A Sustainable Package born out of Love for Nature

A product designer sister and a professional cricketer brother. As diverse as it could be, right? But, they have one thing in common – the love of nature. Who are they? The heroes of this episode of climate champions – Khushboo and Ronak Gandhi, people behind GoDoGood.

A trekking expedition to the Himalayas that exposed Khushboo to the menace of plastic waste led to a resolve to create a research-led material innovation company that would develop and manufacture waste-to-value materials and sustainable packaging products ranging from custom sticker and labels to eco-friendly printing, food packaging to impact cushioning wrappers, tray dividers to stand-up pouches. You name it, and they have it. 

Their friendly barrier packaging provides protection against oil, water, and moisture. Made from plant-based sources and leveraging principles of green chemistry, the coating solutions are as sustainable as they come, being locally sourced and locally manufactured. It completely eliminates the need for PE coated paper, lamination, and other plastic film applications, most of which end up in our landfills or, worse, in water bodies.

Karishma Menon & Ronak Gandhi GodogoodThey provide custom-printed stickers in varied shapes and sizes with a water-activated glue base. Their in-house concocted glue is nature-based and applied directly on the package with water, preventing the ill-effects of regular glue, which is a synthetic polymer, and the sheet uses a silicon layer, making it harmful to the environment. Their friendly glue completely eliminates the use of dual materials and is home compostable and food-grade. 

Their impact packaging material is 100% natural with biodegradable fibre used for packing fragile items that protects goods against shock in transport and provides hassle-free boxing and unboxing with custom pouch sizes and rolls. This is an excellent replacement for plastic bubble wrap, which is not a sustainable form of packaging as it is not recyclable and increases our carbon and environmental footprint. 

The printing solutions from their stable are 100% natural and non-toxic, using eco-friendly and biodegradable pigments that are used to make water-based ink used for screen printing available in a wide range of colours. As against commercial inks that are made with petroleum-based chemicals that can lead to soil and even water pollution when left in a landfill.

And are currently in the process of developing a home compostable foam to replace packaging EPE foam. Their dream, in their own words, is “To see the day when the country doesn’t sip tea or eat a snack in plastic!”

Their dedicated efforts have led them to win laurels and recognitions across the globe, the latest being the Zebruption (Finding The Next Green Disruptor) INECC 2022 award. 

Keen to explore more about their products? Visit https://www.go-dogood.com/

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