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As the year draws to a close, Climatora rises. From an idea that got housed many years back to a plan that permeated a few months back to an always-on digital destination.

People say it came naturally to me because of my love for plants in general. And they couldn’t have been more correct. However, along with the natural bent, there was a conscious attempt to create a product in the climate space that makes a balance – a balance between the extremes of activism and denialism. 

A difficult path, and rightly so, especially when there are passionate arguments, activities, and promotions from both ends. This could be because, unlike many other causes, this affects all and strikes at the root of our existence. So, we needed to adopt a saner voice through Climatora – a combination of Climate + Opening / Oral signifying ‘an opening to speak up about climate.’ 

The sense and purpose of balance are not lost on the logo either, as it denotes the five spheres — the atmosphere, the biosphere, the cyrosphere, the geosphere, and the hydrosphere — in harmony with each other, creating room for balance.

So let’s delve into these spheres and how they are affected by climate change.

   Atmosphere: 2022 saw massive heat waves worldwide, especially in Europe.

Biosphere: Year-on-year increase in temperature is threatening to cross the threshold of a 1.5 degree Celsius increase by 2030.

    Cyrosphere: Glaciers are melting, and an arctic bomb cyclone threatens lives across the U.S. and Canada.

   Geosphere: Soil erosion is threatening food security. 

  Hydrosphere: While coastal cities are endangered due to the rising sea level, floods on the plains like that of Pakistan are creating havoc. 

Interdependent as they are on each other, the right balance would be struck with the correct change in lifestyle as we stand at the cusp between development and sustainability, comfort and conservation, and immediate plans vs. long-term vision.

Let’s strike that balance. Every day, every place, and every way, we can. #climatechange is a reality, and #climateaction is our responsibility.

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