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Zero Waste Target by CREDAI InitiativeA CREDAI effort started in Kochi demonstrates that zero solid waste is feasible. With 550 flats and more than 29,818 families served the CCC Zero Waste Pvt Ltd project has effectively handled solid waste disposal in more than 18 cities.

The CEO of CREDAI Clean City Movement, Mr. Sailesh Prabhu, claims that the company’s waste management system has given residents of apartment buildings peace of mind regarding garbage disposal. They not only supply the tools required for waste management, but they also make sure that the byproducts that occur are correctly handled. The business has received approval from the Kerala State Pollution Control Board and is a licensed service provider for the Suchitwa Mission. Moreover, the company is affiliated with Kerala Enviro Infrastructure Ltd.

Mr. Prabhu claims that the eco-composter converts biodegradable garbage into compost. A pair of eco-composter bins are perfect for an apartment complex, with the entire installation cost being about Rs 70,000 for a building with 35 to 40 units. Most of the time, the apartments use the compost that the eco-composter produces in their gardens. Compost is made in a bin after 30 days. For individuals who lack such facilities, CREDAI removes the compost and provides it to those who require it, such as farmers. The company manages about 300 tonnes of biodegradable garbage and 50 tonnes of non-biodegradable waste.

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