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Recently, Intellecap Advisory Solutions and the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (Shakti) jointly announced the opening of the Acclimate Challenge Fund. The fund aims to support and expedite the work of Indian civil society groups (CSOs) dedicated to tackling climate change. Utilizing a cross-sectoral strategy, Shakti and the ACCLIMATE Challenge Fund seek to offer capacity-building possibilities in sectors such as electric mobility, green hydrogen, sustainable transport, industries, cooling, net-zero facilities, agriculture, coastal ecosystems, and climate financing. It will offer two years of general operating support, customized capacity building, and mentorship for shortlisted organizations.

The Challenge Fund’s first phase will increase the technical skills of CSOs to work on climate change mitigation in two intervention-related subject areas: Policy Research and Analysis and Strategic Communications. The fund will encourage specialized approaches to issues unique to the local context by drawing on local expertise and creative potential. Additionally, it will include and direct more resources toward organizations to start, carry out, and assess actions in a specialized area of climate mitigation. Acclimate seeks to collaborate with CSOs dedicated to addressing climate change, working in fields like economic research, industrial competitiveness, rural development, urban planning, poverty alleviation, and education. It aims to expand its work by enhancing its expertise in addressing climate change.

All significant players must help fight climate change. Still, civil society organizations are critical since they lead the charge in implementing solutions at the last mile. By enhancing these organizations’ technical capacity in climate change, Shakti hopes to leverage and improve their work effectiveness through the ACCLIMATE fund. The organization hopes these awards will develop its business practices and increase its effectiveness.

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