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Mechanical engineer brothers Vardan and Abhimanyu Rathi From Surat are the inventors of “Vardan” Water Purifier, a low-cost multi-stage water purification system powered by dye-sensitized solar cells from e-waste.

A water purification system that runs without membranes has no moving parts and requires no external energy, purifying water for at least ten years at meager maintenance costs, ‘Vardan’ is the world’s most affordable (in terms of per litre filtration costs) and sustainable water purifier made for domestic uses. Using this three-way process, the outlet water quality comes well under the notified limits of Indian Standard Specifications for Drinking Water (IS: 10500), making water 100 percent safe to consume.

Driven by the zeal to solve the problem of contaminated drinking water, the brothers are helping to achieve SDG Goal 6.1 – Drinking Water affordably and sustainably.

For conventional water purification processes, it is estimated that for an annual purification of 15000 litres of water, 1.5 to 8 tons of Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) is emitted. Vardan Water Purifier brings this Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emission to zero. This has the same positive benefit on the Environment as 300 Mature Trees. The product provides an integrated approach towards dignified health and life for people living in water contamination and scarcity locations. No water wastage, no need for electricity, and zero operational carbon footprint make it climate-resilient. As no replacements are required, there is no add-on financial burden. Maintenance is negligible, and Vardan also eliminates all pathogens, including viruses.

The company has tied up with several Government bodies, Private Organisations, and Big Players in the field to propagate the benefits of our technology to the maximum number of people.

The company plans to install at least 875,000 Vardan water purifiers in the next five years, which is equivalent to 4.6% of the Indian market, which will help save 78 billion litres of water when compared with other point-of-use water purifiers, prevent 9 million tonnes of CO2e emissions when compared with boiling water using fuelwood, directly impact at least 4.3 million lives and employ 2500 women leading to network effects like health benefits, reduced inequalities, more disposable income, reduced waste, and lower groundwater withdrawal. It also plans to upscale its technology and make it usable on the commercial and industrial scale. They are currently working on “Very High TDS Water purification” and also on technologies that can increase the efficiency of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) and Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

Apart from Water Purification, The company is also in the space of Solar Energy and Biofuels in the Renewable Energy sector. They also run a full-time multi-specialty hospital that provides completely free of cost treatment to the poor and needy. They aim to accelerate the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs) and create a bright, healthy, sustainable future for all.

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