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SustLabs, a consumer IoT firm that breaks down electricity bills into appliance-level consumption, is the dream project of Kaushik Bose and Soumya Bhattacharya, school friends who traversed through varied experiences and expertise before coming together to launch SustLabs. ‘Ohm Assistant,’ the home energy-fitness solution, as it is called, allows homeowners to follow appliance-level power usage data and become more knowledgeable about energy consumption and appliance management. Considering electricity, which like any other business, will undoubtedly be unlocked in the future through the application of technology, this gadget in the hands of users will result in increased system efficiency.

The crucial part of the solution is tracking, followed by democratizing power data and ensuring the meter is consumer-facing. Sustlabs is making a large-scale effect by licensing its technology stack to worldwide OEMs, telcos, utilities, and others. Users have found the Ohm Assistant to be incredibly useful. They have a track record of uncovering information on electrical supplies, resulting in essential insights for utilities, appliance manufacturers, service providers, and insurance companies.

With an overall 8GWh of electricity processed through its installed devices, it has enabled 17.5% overall savings at the household level. It has facilitated the transition from a compulsive consumer to an informed user by notifying customers when there is a change in the consumption behavior of equipment.

Ohm Assistant at scale will enable multiple stakeholders in the Energy Ecosystem to offer more customized and convenient solutions profitably. The company plans to allow 25% of homes worldwide to save 25% of their electricity by 2032 through data-driven energy and appliance management insights.

Ohm is a device that connects your power meter to your mobile phone. As a result, you can view the electricity use of each appliance in your home. Monitor their usage using the simple UI on your smartphone or PC. It also detects power leakage and alerts users when there is a significant surge. You can also determine whether your appliances are operating by the manufacturer’s specifications. There will be no more guesswork with your electricity bill. The Ohm smart meter is in your room and configured only once.

The app is the most user-friendly way to utilize Ohm. You can also pick between tablet and innovative desktop interfaces based on your needs. Log in or use the app from wherever you are to monitor your appliances and verify their usage. Then sit back and watch your bills plummet. As the movement towards sustainability gathers momentum, a device such as this is the first step to controlling and conserving household electrical expenses.

More information on the same can be obtained at https://ohmassistant.com.

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