7 in demand climate jobs

With climate jobs expected to be among the most in demand in the coming years, it’s essential to know which ones are the most relevant. Climatora attempts to list down the seven most in-demand jobs that will help one decide their career path.

Climate Scientist: Climate scientists study the Earth’s climate system, analyze data, and develop models to understand past and future climate trends. They play a critical role in advancing climate research and informing climate policy.

Sustainability Manager: Managers help organizations develop and implement sustainable practices and strategies. They may be responsible for identifying opportunities to reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency, and promote sustainable practices in operations and supply chains.

Renewable Energy Engineer: Renewable energy engineers design, develop, and maintain renewable energy systems such as solar, wind, and geothermal. They may work on the development of new technologies, the optimization of existing systems, and the installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems.

Climate Policy Analyst: Climate policy analysts research and analyze climate policy proposals, develop policy recommendations, and help organizations navigate complex climate policy frameworks. They may work for governments, NGOs, or research institutions.

Environmental Lawyer: Environmental lawyers specialize in environmental law and help organizations navigate complex regulations related to climate change. They may work on energy, transportation, and land use issues.

Climate Educator: Climate educators work to educate the public about the science of climate change and the actions individuals and organizations can take to address the issue. They may work in schools, museums, or community organizations.

Carbon Analyst: Carbon analysts work to quantify and manage an organization’s greenhouse gas emissions. They may be responsible for developing emissions inventories, identifying opportunities to reduce emissions, and reporting progress towards emissions reduction targets. Climatora has launched a carbon accounting course ( link to course landing page) to help you grow into this career track. 

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